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Graphic designers work in advertising, industrial design, media, publishing, public relations, and a variety of other industries. According to a 2010 report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, approximately one third of people in this field are self employed and two thirds traditionally employed. In 2014, the BLS reported that 10 percent of graphic designers worked with clients or companies that offered specialized design services, making it the largest specialty in the field. Other top graphic design specialties include: AdvertisingPublic RelationsBook PublishersNewspaper PublishersPeriodical PublishersPrinting SupportWholesale TradeWhether an independent contractor or employed by an organization, graphic designers typically work in a studio and produce their work on a drafting table. A computer with all of the required software programs to complete the job would be in your workspace as well. When you’re not working on a project independently, you are typically part of a design team. Therefore, the ability to work in creative collaboration with others is an essential skill for career success. People who work in the careers indicated below use many of the same skills as those used by graphic designers. This is helpful to know as you consider your degree options. Art DirectorsWorking as an art director typically requires several years of experience as a graphic designer. In this role, you oversee a creative team that is responsible for the visual design of a project for movies, video games, product packaging, advertisements, or anything else that the client specifies.

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Web designerA web designer determines and develops the look and feel for sites, and is responsible for site navigation design and visual execution.

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