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Rand died of cancer in 1996. paulrand. com/aboutWelcome to the world of Postmodernism A term, used within the graphics design world since around the 1980s. When it comes to postmodernism there are several opinions on what it actually means as many people didn’t have a clue, even the most knowledgeable people with the graphic design world had doubts about it, i. e. Judith Williamson author of Decoding advertisements, interviewed in a design journal “the term is too vague to be useful in anything other than a stylistic sense”, Richard Kostelanetz author of a dictionary of the Avant Grades, he is even blunter and says “My personal opinion holds that anything characterised as postmodern, weather by its author or it’s advocates, is beneath critical consideration, no matter how immediately popular or capable it might be”.

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Their call to action is missing or is very weak.

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What is a Backlink?A backlink is a term used to refer to the an incoming hyperlink from one web page that is listed on a website.

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I’d been at a bad school and unless you’d been lucky enough to go to a grammar school, you came away at 16 still struggling with the basics.